Tuesday 8 October 2013

Brief Hiatus

If you've been checking in here and wondering where the hell I've got to, well you're probably a Ukrainian spambot.  But, on the off-chance that you are human, I'll apologise for my absence.  I've been off sketching out the novel that Otherwhile Tales is meant to be the background for, working on a sitcom script and writing on "The Furchester" a new programme from CBeebies and Sesame Workshop, set in a monster hotel and featuring furry favourites Elmo and Cookie Monster among its cast.  There was also a bit of Grand Theft Auto V and a holiday in there somewhere too.  All of which amounts to busy, busy, busy.  In any event, normal service will be resumed ... I'm just not 100% sure when.  But do check by now and again.  At some point in the not-too-distant future, Otherwhile Tales should be providing a welcoming home to The Candle-Heart Boy and perhaps even to the sad story of Vyolla Who Sings; I'm keen to know how they turn out and I hope you  are too.