Friday 9 August 2013

Next week

Rather a long time ago I promised you more details on forbidden Veresh, where Mistress Cats has her Academy of Thievery.  Next week I'm planning to make good on my promise, with the tale of how Jevra Avn Sol came to visit that strange city lodged within the red mountain in the midst of the white sands of Afar and of what happened to him while he was there.  With any luck it will be as fun to read as it has been so far to write.

I'm also conscious that I've left poor old Arbor Vulpa stuck in the Tower of the Heart for quite a few weeks now, despite his heroic escape from the spider spindles, so I suspect it's soon going to be time to let him complete the greatest theft in all the world ... or fail in the attempt.  Beyond that, well, there's still a lot of Otherwhile yet to explore and I also need to have a witter about how magic these days seems a lot less magical than it once did.  In any event, there should be plenty more coming up over the next few weeks.

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