Wednesday 10 April 2013

So, What's Going On?

Much, much is going on.  Unfortunately, a lot of it is in the real world rather than Otherwhile.  As a result, rather than something bespoke, today's update is an off-the-peg (actually out-of-the-dust-filled-bottom-drawer) story, set in a vaguely Arabian Nights-y land, and called The City of Bells.  You can find it capering around in The Pasture for Elderly Stories at this very moment.

And what else is to come?  Well, I'm keen to learn more about the Crowpeople: they'll play a part in the book for which these Otherwhile Tales are supposedly providing the background, and people have been very kind about The Tale of The Crowgirl, so it seems like a good idea to revisit them soon.  I'll probably have to consult with Lemnick of Carysfort again and see if he has any further information on these mysterious folk.  I'm also conscious that I've left would-be thief of Otherwhile Arbor Vulpa still stuck in an impossible forest, so I'll need to see how he's getting along too.

And then there are all those other elements of Otherwhile to cover, like the Mountain Herds and the Fallen Stars and more information on the Queens of Day, not to mention The Heart of the World itself.  So, fingers crossed, something along those lines will be coming in the future.  On the other hand, they may need to make way for The Tale of The Candle-Heart Boy, whose title popped into my head last week and has been leaping around crying for attention ever since.

I hope that sounds interesting.  In the interim, all the best and have fun in The City of Bells.

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