Wednesday 29 May 2013

It's All John Lennon's Fault

It's all John Lennon's fault.  I'd planned to finish off "Some Information Concerning Wandering Mountains" today, I'd produced a pretty decent version of the "Stranger"'s tale - beginning, middle, end, bit of a twist - for exactly the purpose, but - thanks to John Lennon - I can't put it up on the blog.

You see, I was idly scrolling through Facebook at the end of a long day of coming up with new ways of saying "You missed" for a "major entertainment franchise" game, and I came across this recording (a huge hat-tip here to Joel Morris) of John Lennon's demo tapes for "She Said, She Said", in which he bloody-mindedly plugs away at turning half an idea into the song that will see Side 1 of Revolver making its jangling run towards the sunset.

Somehow, after seeing that, my usual Otherwhile practice of knocking out a story in an afternoon then making the odd tweak here and there the next morning no longer seems like the ideal way to get my thoughts on paper.  So, the Stranger's tale will need to wait until next week, so I can take it apart, play with it and see if I can, in the words of another Beatles song, make it better, better, better.

So, sorry for the lack of an update.  I hope to see you here next week.  In the interim, here's the upshot of all Lennon (and Ringo and George and Paul and George Martin and ... &c)'s work.

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