Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It's Quiet ... Too Quiet

Thanks to the unique way Otherwhile Tales is funded (that is, by my snatching a bit of time away from 'proper' writing work), things have been a bit haphazard on the publication front.  With the site entering its second month of life, this seemed like a good time to get things into a bit more shape.  So, the plan is to try and put something new - a myth, a tale, a close-up or bit of background on some particular aspect of Otherwhile I'm planning to make use of later - up here once a week, probably on a Wednesday morning, starting tomorrow.   There'll be some more of Lemnick of Carysfort's researches (he's the one responsible for the Brief Survey of Otherwhile), perhaps something about the Crowpeople: figures of legend rumoured to live in the hills to the north of the country.  Then there's the history of Mistress Cats, trainer of thieves in distant Afar.  And of course there's the continuation of Arbor Vulpa's story - it feels terribly unfair to have left him in mid-theft, especially lost in a mysterious forest he really wasn't expecting to find in the upper rooms of a palace tower.  And then, well, there is a lot of Otherwhile to explore, not to mention general soundings off about fantasy and fairytale and more Otherwhile-ish stories along the lines of The Dwarf.  I hope that sounds interesting.  If it does, I'll see you back here tomorrow morning with the tale of The Woman Who Broke The World's Heart - I hope you enjoy it.

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